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Who, What, & Why

Marie has had a life long love for the arts, in 2015 she founded A Journey In Art (AJIA) to share her passion with others.  She realized there was a disconnect between artists, business, and the community.  Marie refocused AJIA to help mentor artists and enlighten business' to the benefit or artist collaborations.



business owner, artist, consultant & mentor  

Marie Lof was born in Baltimore, MD and raise walking distance from Historical Ellicott City. Marie's early exposure to the arts help cultivate her love for them.  While Marie received art class during her childhood, it wasn't till 2010 in her first college art class she began to develop her own style.


starving artist shouldn't be a saying

The art world is competitive, with only a handful of resources for artist, and very little guidance.  Most of the resource available for starting artists are preforming artist, and the others require a lot of skills or finances, which isn't available to an artist starting off.  It is the hope of AJIA to help forming visual artist over come these challenges by providing them a space to learn and grow, without going broke in the process. 

When a gallery owner told me that artist didn't make money till after they died, I knew that art world and the way it was viewed had to change. So I started hosting shows.


A Place for artist, business', and the community


After 2 years of focusing AJIA on herself she realized that she could help fellow artists gain the inspiration, knowledge, and confidence needed to take their first step to achieving a meaningful career, doing something they love.


Marie accomplishes this by creating meaningful relationships with business and shedding enlightenment to the benefits of art collaboration, hosting shows, and offering sponsorships to help give career driven artists a discounted rate and publicity to the business. 

Marie also creates meaningful relationships in the business community by helping business transition their brand across platforms and market themselves more effectively. 

De Angelo, Rembrandt, and Vermeer were amazingly talented, but they wouldn’t be the famous artists they are today without the support and backing of their communities.  We owe it to our future generations to not just preserve the past of visual arts, but also ensuring a future for the next generation. Just like the people before us did to ensure the preservation of the arts, we need to preserve the creation and development of them.  That’s A Journey In Art’s mission, and our legacy



I realized it's not about my art, it's about growing the community, when I was repeatedly asked

How do I do this? How can I become a full time artist?


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