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The Mission

It's simply really, we give artist the skills, tools, and ability to depute  their art. Giving them the a connection with local business and individuals in the community so that they can continue on their path as an artist. 

Instead of the artist taking all the financial risk we team with sponsors, allowing artists to have discounted rates and or free spots at our events. Sponsors are educated on the use of artist in the work environment, creating a connection between artist and the business'.  We have mentoring for artist to help them with displaying their work, presenting themselves, engaging with their community, and learning how to make their art give them the best return for their time and money, without charging outrageous pricing for their art.

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The Vision

AJIA's goal is to become a physical structure and non-profit,  giving artist a place to come and connect with local business' and engage with the community, while still earning a profit and taking a low risk to achieve their goals and dreams.

Be apart of the vision and help preserve todays visual arts for tomorrows generation.  

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