Marie Lof​

The artist behind A Journey In Art

Marie Lof is a fantasy artist with select contemporary and abstract pieces.

Her inspiration is drawn from the world around her, experiences, and her childhood. Marie loves nature and this theme can be found heavily through her work. As a painter and sculptor Marie creates both 2 and 3 dimensional pieces.

Marie’s love of the arts started as an adolescent. She often drew and carried that passion into adulthood. In 2010 She took her first formal Drawing class at the Community College of Baltimore County (CCBC), where Professor D. Thompson changed her prospective and heavily influenced Marie’s art style. 

Great day to be outside!.jpg

2010 was also the year Marie started Marbling, which was inspired by Turkish artists painting over water. Marie layers nail polish over water and adheres it to a surface. Marie has continued to explore other mediums in 2011 she took Acrylic painting at CCBC. 2014 Marie was introduced toYayoi Kasuma’s Infinity Nets technique and became mesmerized by it, Marie has played with colors, textures, and layouts to make this technique something uniquely Marie.

In 2015 she began to teach herself watercolors, and in 2017 she began fluid pouring. Her collection continues to grow and evolve.

Marie took her first pottery class in 2013 at CCBC, where she fell in love with hand building and creating sculptures. In 2014 she began to dabble with polymer clay.

In 2015 Marie’s love of fairies inspired her first Fairy creation, which would evolve into the Fairytale Series, and has continuously grown and evoked Marie’s imagination to new limits, as she creates unique worlds for her characters.

Marie offers a wide verity of services such as commissioned pieces, illustration packages, and patent sketching.

Her work can be found on her website ajourneyinart.com, her shows, and the Clay Ground in Ellicott City.

On my down time I took the opportunity t

"When dreams become reality the world becomes a better place"

Marie’s Statement:

I captivate people through my art. Each piece I designs is to draw my audience into their own world of imagination and inspire them to dream.

I am at Pen Arts Gallery till 5.  Check

One’s imagination is only seconds from reality, as long as you understand, you’re the artist. I am.