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My passion is to help rising artists follow their dreams and actually make a living by giving them the extra skills they need for business development, networking, and marketing.  With my background I was able to design a curriculum to not just teach children art, but to give them the skill sets, knowledge, and confidence to succeed in whatever path they choose to pursue in the future.  


My classes are 8 weeks long, held at local coffee shops that I am in collaboration with, and comprised of 6-8 students’ grades 6th-11th.   They will learn to work with a specific medium, discover their style of art, document their work, shop for supplies, prepare for a show, and execute it successfully.  


Each class builds off of the last allowing them to explore themselves, build confidence, learn about art, and end with their own show, hosted at the coffee house for a day. 


Classed are $185.00  

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