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A place to come together, learn, and grow.

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The Journey

The Journey

Talking to real people about their day to day, business, and prospectives about what we are doing, should be doing, and can be doing.  Let the creativity flow and as always be safe, positive, and stay inside.

"I had a failed grocery shopping trip"

"My tour was canceled"

Freedom Heart

Freedom Hearts.png

Musician and song writer Lynn Chen joins in and talks about her music, insperation, and covid experience.



Linda Russell

Linda Russell Style thumnail.png

Linda Russell joins in one how COVID is effecting her as a small business owner, How she is dealing with it, and how she thinks it's going to be after COVID-Life



"Are we opening to soon?"

"My peers just have to do the damn thing"

Noah Sommer

Noah Sommer an up an coming actor in the DMV gives insight to what he is doing with his time, how he is improving himself and his thoughts on COVID-Life.

Film Clapboard


3.50 Cares

 Join in on our discussion about  how a couple of research scientists who are making a difference by feeding people who have no food. This  couple in L.A decided to change live $3.50 at a time.  

3.50CARES' logo (1).png


"It only takes $3.50 to give someone a home cooked meal"

"Some times this all still feels like a dream"

Wedding Composers

An inside look at one couple reinventing the wheel when it comes to marriage planning.  Brides get ready to book your venue and find you bouquet from you sofa. 

WC Logo.png


Sari Bee Crochet

In this episode talking with Sari of Sari Bee Crochet about what she and others are doing differently with their companies while adjusting to the new norm. Also, how she is using her time during self-isolation   



"Support your local stores where you can"

"We can reschedule and now, and make it better."


 In this episode we are joined by Brie, a Maryland  Glass fusion teacher/ potter. Today we cover the topics of  local businesses, her views on what's going on right now and how we as a community can support local businesses and artist.



Marie Joins In


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