Aquatic Vase (revised from 2017)

A few years ago I started working with polymer clay. It started with little fairies and over time evolved into seeing what my limits were.

I was inspired one night by my fish tank. A flickering light caught my attention, it was my fish bouncing the light reflecting in the water and glass.

I had bought this little vase at a goodwill store and at the time my intention was to marble it, but after seeing how beautiful the contrast between the light and my betta's fins were, the gears in my head started turning. I thought, what if I used polymer clay on there and then put a candle in it?

After cleaning the glass and picking my clay colors, I laid them onto the glass, shaping them, and connecting them until I was happy with how the fins moved around the vase. Once everything was sculpted, I picked the pigments I wanted to color the clay with, applied the stones, a few extra detail, and baked it.

I am so happy with the end result. This piece is full of beautiful colors, unique style, and functionality. When people see it, they immediately get the aquatic feel.

I was proud to display this vase on my shelf, but sold it quickly after it was made. It was sold in December of 2017 to a lovely lady at the Cloister Castle. She bought it as a Christmas gift for her sister.

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