Lady In Red


This painting was pure exploration. I had never done a painting with a pallet knife before, well I had added some texture to trees, but I hadn't done a full painting. I had to put a lot of thought as to how the buildings look from the perspective of walking down the street, and how the women would look as someone walked behind her in the distance. I wanted to create the feel that she was a lone, but that someone was in the distance watching her (you). Because the background is so dark her outfit really needed to pop and of course she had to have long flowing hair, because it's so attractive. I feel like there is something very feminine, relaxing, and beautiful about long hair blowing in the wind, and I imagined that a day like this would be very windy. This painting has the illusion of being very reflective, because I wanted to make it look like it was raining. This painting was a challenge, and I was really surprised and impressed when I finished it. I have decided to make this a series of four paintings. I sold this painting around Christmas time to a lovely family. I really hope they are enjoying it because my family was rather hostile with the fact I sold it!! Everyone loved this painting and it is deeply missed.

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