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 Marie has a love and passion for the visual arts, not just as an artist, but also as an art enthusiast and admirer.  


There is a disconnect in the art community between the emerging artist and the art enthusiast.  Marie wants to bridge this disconnect by helping the emerging art make an introduction to the community and help them continue to purse their talents.


This is done by hosting events for artist and artisans to make their debut.  These events consists of artist, artisans, makers, and unique sellers to offer a large spectrum of unique products drawing in the consumers, giving the artist a larger audience and potential for success. 



There are several ways for artist to get recognition and make money, but most don't result in allowing the artist to make a living. Most competitions for artist require a fee to participate, grants have to be awarded, galleries take a large portion of the artist sales, and a nameless artist are competing with the masses online for sales. 


How Can You Help?

Marie tries to keep the these shows as affordable as possible, so that artist can participate.  However, these shows require a lot of time, work, and money to host.  If you are interested in helping to fund these events you can donate below, to participate in aiding with the show by helping out or to host an artists table email me directly.  

What do you get for supporting the Artist's Journey?

 You got to be apart of an artist's legacy by supporting their journey in art and your name or company will be listed on marketing material, brochures, and websites.

 "It's a shame for true talent to never have light shown on it, because someone didn't go to art school or don't where to start in the art world."

Marie Lof.   

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