A Journey In Art (AJA) was conceived in 2016, when Marie Lof decided to start selling her art.  At conception, AJA was about Marie’s personal journey to arriving at the pivotal moment in her life that made her decide to stop hiding her paintings in a corner, but to hang them, post them online, and share them.  In 2017, the barely confident artist was approached for a fall festival and decided to try it out.  This gave Marie new confidence and strategy in marketing, selling, and networking.  Since then Marie has participated in numerous shows, sold her work, competed in competitions, designed work for local and corporate businesses, taken on commissions, and collaborated with local business in pop-up shows.  In 2018 Marie collaborated with another local business owner to create a vending event, to allow other artist and business owners the same opportunity that started everything for her.  

Marie's first Show in 2017

Over the last few years, as Marie has been showing and selling her art, she has had the opportunity to connect with countless artist and realized her struggle, fears, and reluctance was shared with fellow artists.  Marie found that the biggest obstacle visual artist face right now, is a lack of direction on where and how to start, and the confidence to do so. This is when Marie realized AJA was not just about her journey, but the journey of artists and their growth. It goes beyond the person, into an idea. 

Marie Lof and Jenna Lane of Jenna Lane Art collaborating. Fredrick, MD

Currently Marie is helping artist by offering them vending opportunities, with marketing packages, and the guidance she has learned though her journey, allowing them to find their confidence, connect with the community and local businesses.  

Marie has come along way from

that staircase, and hopes 

to help her fellow artist to do 

the same.

Marie is working towards creating a brick and mortar that gives emerging artist the resources, guidance, facility, and community they need to start on their path to becoming the best artist they can be. 

Marie’s Final thoughts,

De Angelo, Rembrandt, and Vermeer were amazing artists, but they wouldn’t be the famous artists they are today without the support and backing of their communities.  We owe it to our future generations to not just preserve the past of visual arts, but also provide it with a future for the next generation, just like the people before us did to ensure the preservation of the past in visual arts.  That’s A Journey In Art’s mission, and Marie’s legacy

A Journey In Art

Elkridge, MD




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