Marie Lof & Jenna Lane of Jenna Lane Art

Founded in 2017, AJIA is dedicated to supporting the rise of artist, connecting them with their local community, and preserving the arts through successful partnerships with like minded individuals and Business'

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Mission, Future, & More

Marie works with local business, visual artists, and the community to help rising artist today succeeded tomorrow.  I know there are a lot of "resources"out their for the arts, but how many of them are really resources? particularly to the visual artist.

Marie’s Final thoughts,

Marie's first Show in 2017

De Angelo, Rembrandt, and Vermeer were amazing artists, but they wouldn’t be the famous artists they are today without the support and backing of their communities.  We owe it to our future generations to not just preserve the past of visual arts, but also provide it with a future for the next generation, just like the people before us did to ensure the preservation of the past in visual arts.  That’s A Journey In Art’s mission, and Marie’s legacy